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10 Famous Battles of WWI

The Great War involved the majority of the great powers. There were numerous of causes for such a catastrophic war, but what really caused war to be declared was,the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo. He was the heir to the Austrian throne and was murdered by Serbian nationalists. Germany supported Austria, and Russia took side with the Serbs. Britain declared war on Germany and Austria declared war on Serbia. United States declared war on Germany, In turn Germany declared war on Russia, France, and invaded Belgium and Luxembourg. No one actually know how many were killed, but estimated 10 million killed, 20 million wounded, and another 2 million fell to accidents, diseases, and prisoners of war. This was a very deadly conflict that trigger battles after battles from June 1914 - November 1918.

Battle of Leige
This was the first land battle which lasted for 12 days from 5-16 August 1914.

Battle of Luske
This battle was launched on the 4th of June 1916 and lasted for only two days. During these 2 days they suffered the loss of more than 120,000.

Battle of Bolimov
The battle was fought on January 31, 1915. This when the Germans, first used a poison gas which backfired to their line of fire.

Battle of Jerusalem
This attacked began on December 8th 1917. They fought for 18 days. The Holy City counter attack fail and Jerusalem fell into the hands of the British.

Battle of Tikrit
This attack was launched 5 November 1917. The Tuskish front lines were invaded after only three hours of fighting.

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Battle of Verdum
This battle was the most critical and longest battle of the first war. The Germans and French fought this battle from 21 February to 15 December 1916. The Battle of Verdun resulted in more than 250,000 battlefield deaths and at least 500,000 wounded.

Battle of Basra
This attack ran from 6 thur 10 November 1917. The turks withdrew leaving Basra empty
The British attacked Basra and within an hour the Turks were defeated and Basra was
captured. Today, Basra is known as Al-Basrah.

Battle of Caporetto
The Battle of Caporetto took place from 24 October to 9 November 1917. The attack took the Italians by surprise, as they were attacked at 2AM. This battle resulted in over 10,000 being killed, 20,000 wounded, 250,000 prisoners or war.

Battle of Hill 60 (Gallipoli)
The Battle of Hill 60 was launched on 21-29 August 1915. After 36 hours of continuous fighting the Allied Forces, finally ceased fire.

Battle of Jutland
This was the largest naval battle or World War I and it was fought from 31 May – 1 June 1916. The Battle of Jutland was fought between the German and British Navy.
The Germans lost one battle cruiser, one pre-Dreadnought, four light cruisers, and five destroyers. The British lost three battle cruisers, four armoured cruisers, and eight destroyers.

Although it have been over 90 years since the war stopped, it is still considered a war without an end. The persons that lived through the great war are passing away. We can only reply on the history books, media, and the internet to keep this piece of history alive.


  1. We can only reply on the history books, media, and the internet to keep this piece of history alive.
    The sad fact is like your history of The U.S.A The new Text books of your past are now being changed because of p.c.True history is going out the window.Media and internet have gone the same way.keep reporting the truth. love POD.

  2. The second battle of Liege in WW2 was very interesting. Adolf did learn how part 1 went. They used gliders for god's sake!

  3. I feel like I've just had a History lesson. Some I didn't even aware of, shame of me. But what I do sincerely hope that, the list would not get any longer, and people will start celebrating peace and love, instead of hatred for each other. Love is bigger, if only everyone of us remember that.

    Take care, Mae. *hugs*


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